About TPNx

TPN has set out to disrupt the traditional airline job fair with a conference that is designed to be informal, educational and most of all…fun.  

We are focused on the topics that military aviators have questions about. The goal of TPNx is to facilitate an intimate and personalized environment where airline recruiters have the opportunity to really get to know potential candidates in more of a social setting where formality, applications and resumes aren’t the primary focus. 

TPNx is planned to be a 2-day event, April 19th and 20th, 2024 with an early reception on the evening of April 18th and formal social event the evening of April 19th. Daytime events on the 19th and 20th will include airline presentations, networking, industry partner expo and recruiter one-on-one meetings. By creating an environment that encourages open discussion and interaction we can capture the same camaraderie that military pilots remember from Friday evenings at the Sq Bar. This is where real trust was built amongst military aviators. Unfortunately this tradition has been somewhat lost in today’s military, but TPN believes that they can recreate it to not only facilitate the search for a pilot’s “last job”, but to help build lasting professional friendships across the aviation community.