Pilot Math Treasure Bath

11:00am – 11:30am


Our profession provides us with outstanding opportunities in life. We get paid more money than most Americans (or any other humans) could ever hope to earn. Despite that, I’m shocked at how many pilots I meet who are terrible with money. Many of these pilots have incomes in the top 10% of all Americans, yet manage to be dirt poor.We’re here to fix that.This book aims to teach you Pilot Math with the kind of lasting impact that will set you up for an amazing life. I’m talking about a life where you only ever do things that you want to do, yet you never have to worry about your family’s needs being met. It’s a life free from fear, and rich with actualization of your loftiest goals.Let’s start filling up your Treasure Bath!

Professional Pilots of Tomorrow

11:30am – 12:00pm


Professional Pilots of Tomorrow started from the vision of a small group of pilots who wanted to help others. Over the past years, the organization has grown to a network of over 1000 pilots who have impacted the lives and careers of countless aviators.

Professional Pilots of Tomorrow provides a wide range of benefits to its members to help them succeed as professional pilots in training and beyond.

1 on 1 Mentorship

Members are assigned a personal mentor who provides unbiased guidance and support.

Pilot Resources

PPOT maintains a wide variety of resources to help pilots, such as info on airlines, low-time flying opportunities, and specialized guides.

Member Network

Not only do members work 1 on 1 with their personal mentor, they also have the opportunity to interact with and learn from our growing network of over 1000 professional pilots and pilots in training.

Welcome to TPNx

TPN has set out to disrupt the traditional airline job fair with a conference that is designed to be informal, educational and most of all…fun.

We are focused on the topics that military aviators have questions about. The goal of TPNx is to facilitate an intimate and personalized environment where airline recruiters have the opportunity to really get to know potential candidates in more of a social setting where formality, applications and resumes aren’t the focus.

TPNx is planned to be a 3-day event that will start on Nov 9th, 2019 in the early afternoon with a happy hour reception event and vendor expo, followed by a buffet style dinner that concludes with a limited open bar. Day 2 will feature speakers and presentations designed to help pilots think about the big picture. Day 3 will continue the presentations and incorporate Hands-on Labs and Seminars. The hope is that by creating an environment that encourages open discussion and interaction we can capture the same camaraderie that military pilots remember from Friday evenings at the Sq Bar. This is where real trust was built amongst military aviators.

Unfortunately this tradition has been somewhat lost in today’s military, but TPN believes that they can recreate it to not only facilitate the search for a pilot’s “last job”, but to help build lasting professional friendships across the aviation community.

This also gives recruiters a chance to interact socially with pilots in a way that isn’t normally possible.

Some of the presentations we hope to include are: A panel of pilots that spent an entire career at their airline that can describe their respective experiences over the arc of 20+ year career at an airline.

We also plan have a panel of 2nd or 3rd year First Officers that are willing to “tell it like it is”, by describing the realities of Part 121 life. They would like to offer recruiters from any airline interested, the opportunity to give their Airline’s recruiting presentation.

Check out the new TPN Go App!

The TPN-Go app is a premium and highly curated version of TPN with only the best information that has flowed through TPN over the years. 

TPN-Go provides the best possible TPN experience for those that want to cut out the clutter and get down to business.

Our mission is to bring pilots together to support, encourage, learn from each other and pay it forward.

Southwest Airlines

We have a huge Heart for our military. Our colors may be red, yellow, and blue, but our support is for the red, white, and blue. Our support of our military comes from deep within our Heart, with more than 8,000 Employees who have served or are actively serving, over 1,300 Employees who are military spouses, and thousands of Customers who have served or are actively serving. ​​​​​We salute you today, and invite you to consider a career with a nationally-recognized employer for military and the best airline in the sky.

Our mission is to attract, hire, onboard, and retain extraordinary veterans who serve(d) our country and have given Southwest the freedom to fly.

Military Ambassador Program

Southwest Airlines Military Ambassador Program is a Team of veterans and military spouses serving as liaisons between Southwest’s Operating Groups and Employees. Our ambassadors are charged with being a point of contact for their department or workgroup on all things military and being familiar with and promoting the resources and tools available to veterans.

Military Program Lead

Southwest has a dedicated Military Program Lead who serves and educates our Employees who are veterans, as well as our military spouses, while networking to attract veterans to Southwest.

“Southwest is dedicated to hiring Veterans and supporting our military and spouses. Our Purpose is to connect People to what’s important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel. We simply couldn’t fulfill our Purpose if not for the sacrifices and dedication of our military men and women. We appreciate their service and bravery in providing a blanket of freedom for our country, and we are honored to have an opportunity to welcome them into our Southwest Family.”

Gary Kelly

Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive
​​​​​​​Officer, Southwest Airlines


TPNx Attendees –

We are very excited about this weekend and can’t wait to work with you. We will use this Official TPNx iOS App for real time updates. It will have the most up to date information about schedule and timeline.

Dress Code: Training Casual (Jeans and Collar Shirt is recommended)

What to Bring: You are encouraged to bring your Resume and Printed Application. Our Airline guests will not be accepting copies of your Resume or Application at TPNx, however, you will have the opportunity to compare notes with other pilots.

Location: Registration will be on the 9th Floor (Hemisphere Room) of the MCO Terminal’s Hyatt Regency (Located in the actual MCO terminal).

We can’t wait to see you there!

– Matt & Adam

The Pilot Network

ICON Aircraft

Become an A5 Instructor

Become an ICON Standardized Instructor Pilot and teach others to fly the A5.

Learn From Those With
the Right Stuff

Your ICON Flight Instructor will ultimately be responsible for your safety whenever you fly, and ICON applies its rigorous standards when it comes to picking who will teach you. ICON Flight Instructors are the best of the best. Fighter jets. Gliders. Experimentals. Amphibians. Our team has flown them and trained people to fly them.

State of the Art

ICON’s training program was designed from the ground up to change the way people learn to fly. Proprietary materials form the backbone of the program and differentiate ICON student pilots before they ever set foot in the cockpit.

ISIP Sign Up/

Become an ICON Standardized Instructor Pilot