Aaron Hagan: The arc of a career

4:30pm – 5:30pm

Aaron “Albie” Hagan has been helping people prepare for interviews since 2002. A lifelong aviation enthusiast, Aaron started flying at age 15 and currently flies for a major airline, served over 20 years as an Air Force fighter pilot, and is a general aviation enthusiast. Aaron’s experience in the Air Force included over two thousand seven hundred hours of flying the F-15 and OV-10 aircraft. In 1991 Aaron served as a ground based forward air controller during the Persian Gulf War. In 1992 he began flying the F-15C, serving in Alaska and Europe before returning to Tyndall Air Force Base in Panama City, Florida in 1998.

In 1999 Aaron attended the U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine and was certified as an aerospace physiologist, and spent the next three years teaching human factors to over 1500 military aviators from a wide cross section of backgrounds. In 2000 he was certified as a CRM instructor/facilitator by Crew Training International (CTI), where he was instrumental in helping develop courseware used by the F-15 community worldwide. This CRM experience has proven invaluable for many clients when faced with the unique and challenging CRM exercise scenarios currently in use at Southwest Airlines, United, and FedEx Express. Hired by both JetBlue and FedEx Express in 2001, Aaron knows firsthand the excitement and stress of preparing for the arduous airline interview process.

Away from the cockpit, Aaron has served in the Airline Pilot Association as a pilot representative, a part time lobbyist in Washington DC, and an ALPA National Committee chairman. He has a long history of involvement in state and local political campaigns and has used the experience to help many clients advance their interviewing skills in arenas far outside of aviation. Aaron has also had a long association with several beauty pageant systems. He has judged beauty pageants on both the state and national level across the Southeastern United States and Alaska. By gaining experience on the other side of the interview table, Aaron has developed some very effective strategies to immediately develop and maintain rapport with interviewers. He is proud not only of the thousands of airline pilots he has helped, but the young men and women he has helped gain acceptance into competitive medical and veterinary programs across the country.

Aaron is the proud father of three daughters, and has been happily married to the former Melissa Rogers for 26 years. Aaron is a 1987 graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management. Aaron retired from the Florida Air National Guard in 2008 after flying the F-15 for over 15 years. Aaron has flown the 727 and MD-11, and is currently a 767 captain based in Hong Kong.